Patience paying off

People ask me what I’m doing different this year with runners in scoring position. I’m being more patient right now. Last year, I think I was swinging at everything they threw me. I was too aggressive.

Now, I’m taking whatever they’re giving me, then trying to have a good swing. If they pitch me away, I will hit it the other way. The other day [Tuesday against the Nationals Craig Stammen] he made a good pitch, down-and-away. I was able to hit the ball the other way for a home run. He made a good pitch, too. I had a good swing, and the ball went out to the opposite field. You can only control what you can control. I was able to do my job.

My hitting has been a lot of hard work. I’ve been working with Jim Presley [hitting coach], Hawk [Andre Dawson] and Tony Perez. I’ve been more patient. I’m hitting the ball all over the place. Whatever it takes. I’ve been taking whatever they’re giving me.

I’m really happy with what we’ve been doing as a team. But there is a long way to go. A long way to go.

— Hanley


  1. sagz25

    Hanley, estas acabando mi hermano. Yo soy un buen amigo del bull-pen catcher Jeff y tu eres uno de mis jugadores favoritos. Te tengo hasta en mi equipo de Fantasy Baseball. Te deseo suerte y lo mejor. I voted for you many times and i hope you start in this years all-star game. Muchos saludos a ti y por favor Tell my friend Jeff “oreja-de-palo” que le mando mis saludos.


  2. enmoed

    Hey Hanley,

    You said we can leave questions and you would try to answer them. Well here is one! My name Eitan and I’m 14, I live in Israel ever since we moved here in the summer of 05 from Florida. I am a huge fan of yours. Now to the actual question. I play for the Israel Young Cadet National Team (ages 13-15), we are flying to Italy in August for a tournament. I play right field and I am usually a #3 hitter and should be on the National Team but ever since the tryouts started and I made the team I have been on a huge hitting slump and haven’t really been able to hit the ball. I know that if I wasn’t on a slump I would be able to prove that I am the #3 hitter for this team, but the coaches don’t know that. Any advice on how to get off this dreadful slump???

    You can e-mail me at

    Thanks and all the best!!


  3. raysfanboy

    It is quite impressive, and a testament to your talent and hard work, that you are now the only NL Shortstop who has RBI’s in 10 straight games. Not Ernie Banks, not Barry Larkin can match that. Amazing.

    Congrats and keep it up.

  4. 23gonzalez

    Hey Hanley,
    You are my favorite shortstop in Major League Baseball. Even though I’m a Padres fan, I really enjoy watching you play. I have one small question. Could you please answer it? If you could that’d be great! Here it is: I’m a 12 year old 1st baseman and have trouble hitting. Whenever i swing, my back shoulder drops, which causes me to pop the ball up. I’ve tried everything to try to fix my swing, but nothing is working. Could you please post some suggestions on how to not drop my shoulder when I swing? or maybe you could email me. My e-mail is Thanks Hanley and Good luck the Rest of the season!

  5. marlins4everz

    Hello Hanley. You deserve to be in the all-star game. Jimmy is a great shortstop, but he is having a miserable year. You are the first shortstop in the NL to have a RBI in 10 straight games. Anyway I have been a Marlins fans all my life. I’ve been playing shortstop for my city since I was 5 and I have a lot of trouble at the backhand. can you give me any advice to perfect it. I need all the help i can get on my backhand. Thanks Hanley and good luck. E-mail me at



    Thanks for posting stories on here. It is fun to read about your approach to the plate. I love watching you play, especially because you are on my fantasy team! I have had you the past 3 years and you have really helped! This year you haven’t been stealing as much. I was wondering if this is because you are usually 3rd in the order now and Fredi Gonzalez feels you don’t need to because of the guys hitting behind you. Anyways, you are a great player and very fun to watch.
    Good Luck!

  7. fishfan4life

    Hanley, you are probably the most exciting player in the game today, and thanks so much for bringing (hopefully) October baseball back to the Florida. We love you man.

  8. chrisvolstud

    Hey Hanley, the changes you’ve made really seem to have made a huge difference, and you’re carrying the team with your bat. Thanks a lot and keep it up!


  9. ludafish

    Hey Hanley, i actually wanted to ask you about your team pride. I feel you have really embraced the role of the leader (and star) of this team. I love the fact that you wear a matching teal glove and teal shoes…and every game i watch theres a shot of you sitting with amezega, cody, DeAza or others laughing and having a good time. Do you enjoy being the leader, or do you even consider yourself one? And how did you feel when a team that typically has no money and doesnt offer big contracts offered you the largest contract to a non arbitration eligible player? thanks for the show you put on every night – chris


    Great Job Hanley, Being non resistant, and going with the flow of the pitches seems to have helped you tremendously, you appear to be watching, as in keeping your eye on the ball a lot more aggressively, not swinging for the Home Run at every pitch, but simply eyeing the ball wherever it’s thrown, by doing so you’re right on the money once you’ve batted around a pitcher. You guys as a team seem to have gelled back to the approach taken in the begining of the year, this cohesion of the TEAM effort has lead to you’re bringing us back to FIRST PLACE, even if tied, it is still FIRST PLACE, and CONGRATULATIONS On a Great Year, and your ALL STAR Status, may God Bless you guys and your Future into the season, you deserve all the success, it’s all about the integrity, and the MARLINS Are all about Loyalty to One Another, You can see it in your TEAM Spirit. ENJOY THE GAME, THERE IS NO BETTER THAN BASEBALL !!! GOO MARLINS !!! WORLD SERIES 2009 HERE WE COME !!!

  11. gizmo12688

    Hey Hanley, everyone at the forums love watching you play and lead this team closer to the playoffs! Hit one out for us next game!


    Hanley i think you are the most complete player in the game because you can get a high average, hit home runs, steal a base, and the list goes on but Hanley just keep doing what your doing at the plate and lead the marlins to the playoffs!




    i live in a small town AppleValley.. Everyone likes a-rod,david wright,ryan howard and therefore. once i saw you on the redsox i thought to myself wow he’s pretty cool and young.then you came to the marlins and i was excited.i play shortstop for highschool and now you are my favorite player ever since i saw you.i try to play and look up to you very chance i get. i think your are soo amzing on the feild. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PLAYER VER.AND KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST AT SHORTSTOP AND FOR THE TEAM. THNKS.


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