Focus remains on winning

When things are going good, you don’t try to think too much about what you’re doing. Right now, I don’t think about the batting title. The focus is on winning, and going to the playoffs. That’s what is most important.

To be a good hitter, it takes a lot of adjustments and a lot of work. This year, I’ve done better with my preparation. Before games, it’s very important to be focused, at the plate and in the field.

You need to have a lot of consistency. You’ve got to be mentally prepared to play the game. My preparation has been really good before the game. That’s what matters. Your preparation has to be really good.

As a team, this has been a pretty good month. The team had a hit streak. We went like 15 games with 10 hits [or more]. I know that hadn’t happened in a long, long time. (St. Louis Browns of 1937 were last to have that many).

What’s good is we’re doing the little things, as a team. It’s not just one guy. Everybody is doing his part, and what he’s supposed to do.

Me, I made an adjustment this season with runners in scoring position. In Spring Training, I talked with Albert Pujols, and he told me some things that I’ve been working on with runners in scoring position. I don’t want to say what they were, but the talk helped.

Right now, we have to keep fighting to make the playoffs. I don’t think about my numbers, or what I’m hitting. I don’t need to do that. If I wanted to play for myself I would just have my own team.

— Hanley



  1. manoman12

    Hey Hanley,
    I hope that you guys catch up to those Phils and win that division. You have a great squad with chemistry and talent and your team has all of the skill it needs to get to the top. The hit streak was awesome and you were on fire! I feel that you are a true leader for this team and no matter what you always show them the right path. Although the focus is on winning, I really hope that you win the batting title this year. You deserve it with all of the hard work and effort you have when you step out onto the field each day.
    The Manoman

  2. foeone

    You have a great mentality for the game brother. Now it’s getting down to the wire but there is still plenty of time for the team to make it. The “Dog Days of August” seem to be making some of the guys feel burnt out, especially the starting pitching; but these are young guys with plenty of talent so they should be ok. You’re doing your part as the leader of this team, now its time for all to hunker down and keep the focus together.
    Pa’lante tigre, pa’tra ni pa’ cojer impulso.


    I see your talent, but your ego is really starting to show. I don’t consider you a “leader” except in your “personal” stats. Your arrogance shows each time you step to the plate. Now, with a “minor” injury, protecting your personal “stat” seems more important to you. Old, old saying……… there is no “I” in TEAM….maybe another team would be a better “fit” for you. Sitting out, in a corner while your team struggles doesn’t show leadership.. That’s how it looks. I hope the Marlins show they can win again, without you..


    hanley great game today against the braves keep playing hard and beleive anything is possible still i love those marlins


    Mr. Henley, I’m actually signing in for my Dad..whose a big fan. He has a 1965 Rambler Marlin, (they don’t make those anymore) with less than 10,000 original miles on it. He is now 80 and needs to sell it. Would anyone on the “Marlins” team be interestred in a customized 1965 Rambler Marlin? My Dad owns Blackies Paint and Body Shop, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We can send pictures.
    He started doing some restoration work on it, but it is not complete. It is definitely a must see. He has the complete car history…This car was owned by a Doctor, originally from PuertoRico. The car rolled into his shop with 10 miles on it some years back. My Dad customized it and it went on to win Nationals in Houston, TX…long amazing story. If interested please let us know. Take Care!

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